7 Benefits of Group Therapy and Why It May Be Perfect for You

group therapy

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You’ve made the decision to take part in therapy. Deciding which route to go is the next step. Group therapy seems enticing, but you’ve not taken the plunge yet. Although slightly intimidating, you’d like to know more about it.

Perhaps, you’ve not yet made the decision favoring therapy in general. You know that you feel stuck, though. Maybe the parenting gamut has drained you or it could be that you’re unsure how to make things better for yourself. No matter the issue, you are undoubtedly in need of some support.

Consider these 7 benefits of group therapy and why it may be perfect for you.

1. You Realize You’re Not Alone

When dealing with life issues, it’s common for them to grow out of proportion in your own mind. This perspective can cause feelings of isolation. Group therapy introduces you to a variety of people experiencing similar issues.

Discussing your specific problem causes you to realize that your suffering is normal. While you have a unique set of issues, others experience similar trials. This will both reassure and comfort you.

2. The Support Goes Both Ways

Establishing connections is one of the primary benefits of group therapy. It’s meant to be both a giving and receiving experience.

You as a participant not only share, but you offer your support by listening and providing feedback to other members.

These interactions have a definite purpose. Not only do they increase your level of individual value, they also eliminate negative feelings of isolation.

3. Helps You Locate Yourself

It can be hard to understand how you’re feeling while interacting with other people. Often your attention is turned outward, so you momentarily forget about your own feelings. People often feel lost when this happens. You may even avoid interactions because of it.

Group therapy teaches you how to be mindful of your emotions during periods of interaction. By doing this, it inevitably helps you establish your own voice.

4. Provides A Safe Environment for Honest Feedback

Another one of the benefits of group therapy is that the members of your group are there for each other. It’s a safe environment that nurtures reciprocal support.

By providing feedback on the targeted issues, your group offers validity. If in the past you’ve wondered why your relationships have similar patterns, your group can offer insights.

You may start the group therapy as strangers but will soon grow into trusted confidantes.

5. Structured Focus on Personal Growth

While interacting with your group, you will develop a new set of interpersonal skills. This allows you to leave your session with a greater toolbox of skills to apply in your daily life. It’s a natural progression.

First, you will learn to apply these new skills within your group through feedback and support. Next, they will be genuinely integrated into your own life. This type of personal growth is inherently sequential in group therapy.

6. More Affordable

In terms of nickels and dimes, group therapy is less expensive than individual therapy. People tend to love this aspect of it.

When group therapy fits your needs, the financial facet is simply an added bonus. The group shares the support and connection as well as the cost.

7. Establishes A Support System

Group therapy provides you with allies who share similar issues as you. You will find solace interacting with such people. Often, you will form lifelong relationships within your group.

Also, it can provide a safety net for you. On a difficult day, connecting with a member of your group may be all you need to get you through that particular trial. While it stems from the group therapy session, the benefits are long lasting.

If you feel that group therapy is right for you, contact me to find out what groups are available.

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