Meet Our Amazing Team of Professionals

Michelle Bogdan, LCSW

Before grad school, I worked in an alternative school for middle and high schoolers for a couple years. I graduated with my Masters in Social Work (MSW) from SUNY Buffalo in 2003. My clinical work started in Niagara Falls, NY, where I provided home-based counseling services for youth involved with the Juvenile Justice System. I moved to Northern Virginia in late 2003, where I have worked ever since.

I have worked as an On-Going Social Worker with Child Protective Services as well as a clinical therapist with both Loudoun County Mental Health CSB and within a group practice. I opened my private practice in 2012 and am honored when each and every person contacts me for services. I appreciate the amount of trust and vulnerability that clients put forth when allowing me to walk beside them in their journey.

I bring authentic myself to sessions and to use my client’s defined values as a guide in the treatment process. It is important to me that clients decide what changes they want to make and when.

I am licensed in Virginia, West Virginia, and New York.