New Year: 2018 Here! 10 Ways to Make It Your Best Year Ever!

New Year: 2018

New Year 2018 is here!

If you’re like most people, you’re  probably thinking of ways to make your life better than it’s ever been before.

Seems unrealistic?

While it is a hefty goal, taking small steps can help you reach your ultimate aim.

Here are a few ways to get you started.

1. Set Realistic and Measurable Goals

Setting realistic goals might appear to be a no-brainer, but it’s not as obvious as you might have imagined.

If your goal is to read more for the new year 2018 then make your goal measurable. For instance, setting a goal of reading 25 books is measurable. But, breaking it down into 2 books a month is realistic.

2. Commit to Rewarding Yourself 

When you do meet a goal you’ve set, then be sure to reward yourself.

Let’s say, one of your goals is to go on more nature walks in the park. While spending time in nature is indeed rewarding in itself, throw in a bonus for yourself. After you’ve successfully walked each day for a week, grab a frozen yogurt at the tail end of your walk on Friday. You’ll be more enthused about next week’s walks.

3. Be More Prepared

Everyone screams about being organized, but this year take a different approach. Try being more prepared—meaning practice being flexible and calm during situations that are unexpected.

For you, this might mean adding a few more bucks to your savings account. It might even mean simply to work on remaining cool and collected during adversity.

4. Bump Up Your Water Intake

There isn’t an article in existence pertaining to the new year 2018 that doesn’t include drinking more water. It’s that important.

The benefits of water are endless. You’ll feel better, too. If water just isn’t your thing then you can try infusing it with fruit or even squeezing lemons into it. Basil, cucumber, and mint are a few favorites, as well.

5. Spend Less Time on Social Media

Although social media claims to connect us, it really takes away from valuable face-to-face interactions and tends to make you more unhappy.

If you’d like to adopt a new mindset in the new year 2018 then you’ll have to give up on some old habits that might be keeping you stuck. Spending time on social media is one of them. Set limits on your online time an go grab a coffee with a friend instead.

6. Adopt an Exercise Regime

Do you feel like 2017 sort of kicked you in the pants? Get out there and kick back!

Life and all its busyness can quickly wear you down. Exercising increases your energy level and your overall health. You don’t need to become a fitness guru, but try walking, running, or even yoga for starters.

7. Celebrate with Moments Not Things

It’s probably an understatement that materialism is prevalent in the world today. Take a different approach—a more lasting approach that could contribute to your legacy.

Rather than celebrating life by buying more things, create moments for you and your loved ones. Material things can easily be forgotten, but special moments leave a lasting impact.

8. Practice Self-Love

Being kind to yourself is one of the most empowering things you can ever do. After all, the relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have in your life.

So, forgive yourself for your past mistakes and embrace a fresh start in the new year 2018.

9. Stay Open to New Experiences

Adventure is one of the most exciting parts of life. To some, adventure might mean traveling across the globe for a safari or backpacking across Europe.

Creating new experiences for yourself is actually much more simple. And cheaper! It could be something as simple as trying a new restaurant, going to a pottery class, or even volunteering your time.

10. Be Grateful

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, be grateful for the life you’ve been given.

We each have a unique story and some of us carry scars from the past. Such is life. But, this is your life. Even with the highs and lows life has offered you, practice an attitude of gratefulness. Being grateful makes it so much easier to see the good.

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