Trouble Keeping Romance Alive in Your Relationship? – 5 Helpful Tips

keeping romance aliveKeeping romance alive in your relationship may seem like an art at times.

While some couples manage to age like fine wine, others can bubble over like sour grape juice.

Consider that most artists create by using a deliberate and purposeful process. Your efforts to infuse your relationship with romance can be intentional too.

Keeping romance alive requires action—meaningful action.

If you’re having trouble keeping the romantic fires lit, keep these helpful and practical tips in mind.

1. Lend a Helping Hand

Frustration, fatigue, and resentment often build up when one partner feels that they are pulling more weight than the other. No matter who is the breadwinner and who handles the household, respect and equality must exist for romance to kindle.

So, what’s the fix? Help your partner out. Play fair and lend a helping hand.

Doing household chores together can help you to feel closer to your partner. Additionally, the hand-in-hand approach welcomes feelings of respect and admiration for each other.

2. Support Your Partner

We all need a cheering section or someone to hold us up when we struggle. Keeping romance alive means being that support system for your partner.

Whether they’re returning to school, running their first 5K, or going for a big win at work, cheer them on. And mean it—whole-heartedly.

Having that special someone in your corner can enhance the self-growth experience. Furthermore, couples who encourage each other tend to have more relationship satisfaction.

3. Pencil It In

It’s not uncommon for couples to miss each other in passing. After all, most of us lead very busy lives. The hustle and bustle don’t always leave room for romance.

What’s the solution for keeping romance alive in your harried world? Put your interactions on the calendar. Skip the pencil—write it in a bright permanent marker!

For example, set aside time to have meaningful conversations with your partner on a daily basis. Go beyond the “How was your day?” approach. Rather, ask them how they felt, what challenges they faced, or what made them happy today.

Also, go on regular dates and plan times to have fun together. You can even schedule sex. Of course, you’ll have to talk to your partner about this one and come to an agreement. However, scheduling sex is a lot more exciting and fulfilling than it looks on a calendar square.

4. Say “YES” to New Experiences

Especially for partners who’ve been with each other for a long time, it’s important to keep the relationship fresh by experiencing new things together. So, add some stimulation to your lives.

For instance, suggest to your partner that you take a dance class or learn a new skill together. When you go on your date nights, try new restaurants and new foods. Be brave and go to a group painting class where they serve wine. Or, if you’re a really adventurous couple, take your partner to go rock wall climbing or to play paintball.

New experiences help to bond people together. So, make it a point to suggest some new experiences to your partner.

5. Practice Forgiveness Daily

Forgiveness is not usually a walk down easy street. Yet, when we practice this positive habit, anxiety melts away while happiness and life satisfaction increase.

When it comes to keeping romance alive, forgiveness plays a vital role. Make an honest effort to look past the small annoyances by forgiving your partner every day.

Sure, they may really bug you when they do this or that. Instead of rushing to criticize, though, be positive by forgiving those small transgressions. Not only will this help you to feel better, but it will also open the door to romance a little wider.

Keeping romance alive is different for each couple. And each person has their own unique set of challenges in nurturing the relationship they’re in.

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