5 Ways the Food You Eat Can Affect Your Mood for Better or Worse

A table full of vegetables and fruit

food you eat affects mood From childhood, you’ve probably been taught, “you are what you eat.” While your diet is only one of many factors that can influence your health and behavior, sudden and “unexplainable” mood swings are often the result of the food you eat. Each food is chemically unique and will, therefore, have…

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7 Benefits of Group Therapy and Why It May Be Perfect for You

A man sitting and talking with two girls

You’ve made the decision to take part in therapy. Deciding which route to go is the next step. Group therapy seems enticing, but you’ve not taken the plunge yet. Although slightly intimidating, you’d like to know more about it. Perhaps, you’ve not yet made the decision favoring therapy in general. You know that you feel…

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How Mindfulness Can Help Your Child Survive and Thrive as a Teen

A girl with orange hairs sitting on a wooden bridge

Adolescence can be a difficult time, making it challenging to survive and thrive in stressful circumstances. Your teenager is likely struggling with his or her identity and the newly discovered challenge of independence. Social situations can also prove taxing on a teenager’s mind and emotions. Furthermore, an array of chaotic hormones can cloud your child’s…

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What Your Child Needs to Develop Healthy Attachments

A man along with his daughter playing in a field

What do you think your child needs most to develop healthy attachments in life? If you answered “love,” you’re not alone. After all, isn’t that what all humans crave? Isn’t it what parents usually shower their babies with from the moment they’re born? While love certainly plays an important role in raising children, what they…

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Is Anxiety Keeping You Awake at Night? Try These Tips for Better Sleep

Man in bed eyes opened, suffering insomnia and sleep disorder

Anxiety can be the direct enemy of a good night’s sleep. Thoughts race through your mind setting the pace for a cruel cycle of wide-eyed restlessness. You just can’t seem to stop thinking. Brain waves replay your day’s events, evaluate recent shortcomings, and contemplate life goals. The worries can seem endless and you daydream of…

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