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Our Vision:

At MLB Therapy, PLCC, our vision is to foster growth, support, education and empowerment for families, individuals, and other helping professionals.

A comfortable place to come, imagine the possibilities of change and make possibilities a reality.

Our Mission:

We convey high-quality, culturally sensitive mental health services to help clients work towards emotional and relational health, flourish in being their best authentic self and live a life consistent with their respective values and interests. Various types of counseling services and mental health workshops are pathways to nurture one's desired changes.

Our Values:

  • Professionalism-Work from within professional scope
  • Integrity and Respect for all matters
  • Personal and professional Growth
  • Education of staff and community (training, community workshops). Providers are trained and apply evidence-based treatment models to support the client's desired changes. Team members provide community workshops in areas of their specialty.
  • Connection with other professionals and among community members. Members will collaborate with other professionals as well as provide community workshops and groups.
  • Empowerment of staff and clients to be their best self through learning and discovery.