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Parenting Teens With Mental Illness

Do you ever wonder if you are doing the “right” thing when raising your children? Do you question whether or not your response was the most appropriate? This group is designed to help you keep perspective when raising your teen, especially with the added complexities of mental illness. Members will connect with others in similar situations, build insight into family dynamics as well as create a toolbox of skills that can be used immediately. Parenting topics discussed may include parenting values; navigating power struggles; loneliness among other parents; mental health of teens and/or parents; navigating “the system;” how to balance all components of life; self-care; more. Members are also invited to bring non-parenting topics to the discussion as well. Group is guided by what you and other members want to discuss.

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Identity: Be The Person You Want To Be

This group is for teen girls, ages 14-19, who struggle with their relationships, including their relationship with themselves. Teens will be grouped together based on individual needs. The beginning sessions will focus on the teens connecting with one another and getting in touch with who they are as individuals. By understanding who they are, their behaviors and how they want to be perceived, your teen will be able to decide what changes, if any, they want to make in their relationships. The main focus of group is helping the girls identify inconsistencies with their actions and they want to be perceived either by others or by themselves. We will look at various relationships, including those with family, friends and significant others. We will also pay attention to developing coping skills.

Feeling Stuck? Anxiety & Depression Support Group

Do you feel alone and lost in your head? Are you struggling with of anxiety and/or depression and can’t seem to get out from under its trap? Or maybe you just feel stuck in a situation and can’t get out? Ever notice that your decisions are driven by your emotions rather than your values? If you are ready for a change, then this group is for you!

Yes!- Group can be intimidating, however you will realize that you’re not alone. This group will help you feel "unstuck," whether from thoughts, feelings or circumstances. You’ll learn how awareness of your experiences can guide you in making decisions consistent with your values. Metaphors and mindfulness exercises are used to help you look towards your bigger picture.

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