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Do you wish your family worked out conflicts in healthier ways? Do you and your partner disagree about how the family should be, which causes your children not listen to either one of you? Or worse yet, this causes them to put the two of you against each other? Do your kids each have their individual personalities, which makes it harder to have everyone get along? Families can be the most rewarding aspect of our lives and yet the most complicated as well.

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Individual Counseling Michelle Bogdan Leesburg VA

Do you have something going on in your life that you can’t focus any more?  Are you lost in your thoughts at times and struggle to find your way out?  Maybe your relationship is not going the way you want it to and you want to figure out what changes to make, if any?  Individual counseling can help promote positive life changes.

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people judging your parenting

Are you worried about your child’s well-being? Is your child struggling either at home, school or within your community and it seems like everyone out there is watching? Is your child losing his/her temper so frequently that you feel unsure how to parent-or even feel afraid to parent? Are you wondering if there’s a bigger concern that your child is dealing with and are not sure where to turn for help? Parenting is no easy task.

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Teen Counseling Michelle Bogdan Leesburg VA

Are you worried for your teenager? Does it seem like everything is a fight? Perhaps you worry about who your teen hangs out with or about their school performance. Is s/he battling depression or anxiety and you wonder how to help? Maybe your teen is self-harming, which scares you more than anything else? Parenting a teenager can be one of the more challenging periods in raising a child.

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Parenting Skill Counseling Michelle Bogdan Leesburg VA

Is your child experiencing anxiety, and you don’t know how to support him/her? Or, do you not know how to get him/her to listen to you without repeated requests and yelling? Are you wondering why your child listens to his/her other parent, but not you? With new parenting skills, you can make your home more peaceful.

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Adult Anxiety

Does it feel like your mind is running on a hamster wheel, and you can’t seem to get the thoughts to stop? Do you worry about the amount of worrying you do? Maybe you experience stress through physical symptoms, such as aches, diarrhea or a shortness of breath. Anxiety treatment can help you live a life more consistent with your values.

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Do you worry more than others?

Does anxiety keep you on the hamster wheel? Find out if your symptoms mean you may be dealing with more than just underlying stress.

Ever Wonder What Counseling Services Are All About?

Let’s imagine that you enter a place in which you can talk to just one other person. Maybe you bring your child or partner along; maybe you go on your own. You tell this person all about your difficulties – the good, the bad and even the ugly. This person accepts you for who you are and for what has happened in your life. No matter what, this person supports your decisions and passes no judgment. Better yet, you can feel free to say whatever you want, knowing you will be accepted. Together, you and this person can figure out how things got the way they are so that you can prepare for an improved future. And, when you leave that room, you can feel confident that your deepest fears and feelings will remain confidential. Counseling is like that.

I have truly enjoyed working as a mental health therapist in my own private practice. I strive to provide an environment that is soothing and comforting so that clients can feel at home.

My work with adults in individual counseling tends to be solution-focused and strength-based so that you can feel empowered while working towards your life goals. When making changes in your life, it’s important to recognize the good that is going on as well as opportunities for betterment. Individual work can really help you make big strides fast.

I work with children, teenagers and their parents to help children feel better now and work toward a brighter future. Children have the option in my office to choose to meet in one of two rooms. Children, and even some teenagers, choose to meet in the playroom filled with toys. Child counseling and teen counseling offers young people a safe place to discover who they are.

Group therapy is another counseling service that I offer. On average, about six people can receive support and also give support to others at the same time. Watching this process of people connecting with others, truly is an amazing thing. (Clients like that it’s cheaper too!)

What To Expect With Counseling Services

When you first call me to schedule an appointment, I will ask you a little bit of what your struggles are to ensure that I can provide you with the best treatment you deserve. If we decide I am a good fit for you, then we will schedule an appointment.

Your first appointment will be about us getting to know each other better. I will want to better understand your situation just as you will begin to get to know me a little more. We may begin to discuss possible directions for treatment. Each session will last 45 minutes. Group sessions will be longer should you decide to participate in a group.

Every day is a gift for me because I am privileged to watch people create positive changes for themselves. I look forward to helping you create your desired changes as well. The sky is the limit, and you can work to make any aspect of your life happier, more fulfilling and more peaceful. I know making that first phone call can be scary. However, I will support you as you strive toward your personal greatness. Feel free to contact me even if you just want an opportunity for an initial consult. I offer a free 15-minute initial phone consultation for potential new clients.  I can be reached at (703) 554-2882.

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“What’s NOT To Worry About?” Parent & Teen Anxiety Group”

Ever worry about your teen who excessively worries? Not sure how to help him/her? I’m sure you would love for your teen to feel confident in managing fears! Do you also wish you had more tools to use to support your anxious teen? Look no more…This group addresses both issues!

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“Perceptive Parenting of Challenging Children”

Do you ever wonder if what you are doing is “right” when raising your children? Do you question whether or not your response was the most appropriate? This group is designed to help you keep perspective when raising your children regardless if your child’s struggles are typical or if you’re raising a child with more troubling behaviors.

Group topics will include understanding what is “normal” for respective ages, building a “toolbox” of parenting strategies and you will gain personal insight into your parenting approach. You will learn how to avoid power struggles by being mindful of your own responses to your children’s behaviors. As you explore where your parenting style comes from, you will begin to process experiences in healthy ways, and you will gain an awareness of your parenting as it’s happening.

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“Feeling Stuck? Anxiety and Depression Support Group”

 Do you feel alone and lost in your head? Are you struggling with anxiety and depression and can’t seem to get out from under it’s trap? This group helps those who feel “stuck” in life, feel connected and supported by others. Group helps you be mindful of your emotions, body and environment, while moving towards your individual values. Metaphors and mindfulness exercises are used to help you look ahead towards your bigger picture. Group can be intimidating, however it can show you that you are not alone in this struggle.

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“Identity: Be The Person You Want To Be”

 Is your teenage daughter (ages 14-19) struggling with her relationships? This is a difficult age for many girls with all that goes on in a teen’s life. The beginning sessions of group will focus on connecting with one another and getting in touch with who they are as individuals. In doing so, they can decide how they want to be perceived by others. The girls will be able to decide what, if any, changes they want to make in their relationships as well as identify inconsistencies within these areas. This is the main focus of group. Various relationships are looked at, including family, friends and significant others. Some attention is given to coping skills. (Members will be grouped together based on individual needs.)

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Testimonial“One thing I like best about working with Michelle is her professionalism. She has a high level of integrity when working with clients. Michelle gives serious consideration to potential new clients to ensure their desired goals are within her professional scope prior to scheduling an appointment. She provides the best care for the right reasons, which brings out the greatest impact on clients’ overall functioning. Michelle has compassion for her clients’ life issues. She has an objective, well-balanced perspective of client needs and has a genuine desire to do well by them. I never have concerns when referring clients to Michelle and do so without reservation!”


-Dr. Victoria K. Lyle

Testimonial“I would highly recommend clients to Michelle Bogdan without hesitation. She has a strong ability to connect with clients, which helps them feel comfortable working with her. Michelle and I have shared many clients where I treat the clients with medication management and Michelle helps them with life’s challenges. Many of our mutual clients have come back to me saying that Michelle is a good listener and provides them with appropriate tools to help them with their individual situation. Michelle works collaboratively with me to ensure we are on the same page with our treatment approach. She also seeks clinical advice when needed. When working with youth of any age and families, Michelle engages with parents to ensure all parties are included in the process. Michelle is even able to help clients with more challenging situations by coming up with a structured plan that is easy to follow. When safety issues arise, Michelle addresses these concerns immediately to ensure all parties are collaborating to keep clients safe.”


-Dr. Sangeeta Chitlu

Testimonial“I have worked with Mrs. Bogdan for years in the mental health system and it is always a pleasure to work with patients with her. I have the utmost confidence in her skills and continue to refer patients to her with the knowledge that the treatment they will receive will be the best.”

-Dr. Howard Glick