Depression Treatment


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Depression Treatment 

Have You Been Feeling Down, Unexcited and Empty?

Does it seem like your life is going pretty well for the most part, and you think you should feel happy and satisfied, yet for some reason, you are in a funk? Or, are you experiencing some struggles in your life, such as a career transition, the end of a relationship or a loss, that have you feeling down? Maybe you can’t get motivated to do things that need to get done. Or, perhaps you notice that you feel uninterested in things your used to enjoy or that these things are just not giving you the same satisfaction as before. Is your mood impacting your relationships or even your career? Do you wish you could be in control over your thoughts and feel like the person you once were?

Living with the symptoms of depression can be a disheartening, exhausting and overwhelming experience. Perhaps your appetite has decreased or you’ve been eating when feeling down. You might be struggling to sleep well or find yourself unmotivated to do anything but sleep. Maybe you are losing hope that things can improve or that you can ever lift the fog hovering over you. You may not know where to turn to find understanding and relief.

Depression Is Very Common and Very Treatable

If you are struggling with the symptoms of depression, you are not alone. Depression can be a general feeling one carries many times over the course of his or her life, or it can be as a result of a situation. Regardless of your situation and experience, I’m sure you wish things were better. Maybe you wish you could enjoy the simple things in life, but notice how you get caught up in the negative aspects of situations. Maybe you think that if, for just a short time, you could stir up just an ounce of motivation, you could feel better about yourself because you could actually cross off tasks on the to-do list you have.

Depression can be quite debilitating for many folks. It can certainly, impact relationships and careers as well. However, while the symptoms are very real and painful, your reaction to the symptoms will dictate the struggle you have. Don’t get me wrong – our reactions are many times natural and difficult to change! Together, in depression treatment, we can observe the symptoms, notice the patterns that have been created as a result of the depression and figure out how to best tackle this issue. With help and support, you can begin to feel more connected to yourself and your life.

Depression Treatment Can Help You Live That Honors Your Values

You can begin to appreciate the small things and let go of the negative things that hold you back. Together, in depression treatment, we will identify the things that you hope to improve in your life and then develop a plan on how to work toward that goal. Our plan may include reflecting on the past to gain insight into your situation. Or, we might focus on observing things as they are and work with only the present moment. Depending on your particular experience, goals and needs, aspects of depression treatment may include the development of mindfulness skills, relaxation techniques or coping skills so that you can become more aware of your thoughts and emotions as they occur. We might also identify and address harmful thought and behavioral patterns. Through a combination of techniques, you can experience relief that you’re longing for. You will feel more in control over your thoughts and your perceptions of life experiences.

No matter the path we take, you get to steer the car, metaphorically speaking. I will present you with options, based on my training and clinical experiences, and you decide what would work best for you. I will not pretend to know what will help you best. You are most familiar with your personality and tendencies, and I will offer you guidance and support as you best decide the course to take.

When providing depression treatment, it is my intention to help you feel comfortable and safe to discuss whatever you need to. As you walk into my office, my hope is that you can feel yourself relax and become better able to open yourself up to the changes you want for yourself. You get to decide what you value in life and what kind of person you want to be in your relationships. You get to feel however you choose and from there, find compassion for yourself as emotions arise. Once you are able to be compassionate toward yourself, you can move in the directions you want to take your life.

Do You Still Wonder If Depression Treatment Will Be Helpful For You? 

What if nothing changes and I continue to feel depressed?

I’m guessing that whatever you are doing now is not working, so it can’t hurt to try something different. Things can get better. I guarantee that, together, we can put our best foot forward and strive to achieve the success you long for. There are so many different depression treatment techniques we can explore, and with your persistence and willingness to take that next step, you can get closer and closer to the life you want. In addition, we will figure out what can motivate you to take each step as well. I can’t promise the process will be easy, but you can feel more empowered and confident along the way.

I have too many responsibilities, and no time to take care of myself. I’ll be ok. I don’t think I need therapy. 

Life can get busy, and before you know it, you might find that so much time has passed and you don’t know how you got where you are. It’s crucial to take time to care for you. You might give so much of yourself to your loved ones without replenishing yourself. It’s easy to make our loved ones a priority and much harder to do this for ourselves. Only you can make this decision, but I would ask you to consider investing in yourself so that you can shine as the best you possible.

I can work with you to navigate your busy schedule. I offer daytime and evening hours, which often times makes it easier as well. Think of therapy as an investment in yourself. You are no less important than everyone else you care for. And, in time, you can feel better equipped to take care of all of your responsibilities and enjoy how you spend your days again.

I can’t afford depression treatment!

Finances are a reality for sure. Just as prioritizing therapy to fit our schedules is important, fitting it into your budget is equally important. It’s all about making yourself as a priority.

My philosophy on therapy is that it is a short-term process to help people gain personal insight, identify changes they want to make and make those desired changes. It’s true that some use therapy as a long-term answer. I, however, see it as a potentially empowering service to help people work towards independence. This mindset, too, helps ensure to you that you will not have to pay for therapy forever.

There Is Hope. You Can Live the Life You Desire

It’s time to put yourself first. If you are not happy, you cannot get the most out of life and your relationships. Getting help is a sign of courage, strength and dedication to who you want to be. I offer a free phone consultation of 15 minutes so that potential clients can get a sense of me, my approach to depression treatment and my personality. During this conversation, you can ask my any additional questions you may have. I can be reached at (703) 554-2882. I look forward to talking with you soon!