Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment

anxiety treatment

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Do Your Worries Consume You Throughout Your Day? 

Does it feel like your mind is running on a hamster wheel, and you can’t seem to get the thoughts to stop? Do you worry about the amount of worrying you do? Maybe you sometimes experience stress through physical symptoms, such as aches, diarrhea or a shortness of breath. Perhaps sleep is a struggle as well.  ,Perhaps if you manage to fall asleep, you find yourself waking up during the night with a million things on your mind. There’s a good chance that your worries impact your career and relationships. Do you wish you could find relief from the anxious, fearful thoughts cycling through your head?

Perhaps you find that your thoughts are often focused on past events and regret that things didn’t go differently. Or, perhaps you can’t stop thinking about the future and all of the possible outcomes of a situation. You might feel exhausted, frustrated and hopeless. It may seem like your life has been put on hold for the time being, but it does not have to be this way forever.

Anxiety Is A Common Experience

You are not alone in your anxiety. In fact, many people, whether they realize it or not, experience anxiety at some point in their lives. Anxiety can be present for years, or it can be the result of a current or recent situation, such as a move, a particularly hard time at work or a change in a relationship It can be a very obvious feeling that causes panic and makes it difficult to get out of bed, function with ease or make decisions. Or, maybe you don’t feel like you have anxiety, but you are over scheduled and often feel the need to control every aspect of your day.

People tend to respond to their anxiety by means of either “fight, flight, or freeze.” Depending on the trigger to your anxiety, your response may vary. Each of these reflexive responses can have a significant impact on your life. You may feel stuck in certain patterns, even though you know your immediate responses do not ease your worries and fears. And, as you notice these patterns, you might think poorly of yourself. It’s possible that your worry has caused you to be your own worst critic in life. Thankfully, there is help out there for you. You can release the pressure building up inside of you and discover lasting relief.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Live A Life More Consistent With Your Values

Therapy can help you begin to live with greater confidence and calm. However your anxiety presents itself, the first thing to do is to acknowledge its presence. Then, through the use of mindfulness, bodily relaxation techniques and work with your thoughts and behavioral patterns, you can experience relief from your symptoms.

During the course of treatment, you get to determine the best route for you. I will present you with various options we could take, all drawn from my training and experience, and we will develop a plan from there. You are the expert in your own life, and for that reason, you know best what can work for you.

Depending on the path you take, we may notice your past experiences – from childhood or adulthood – and use them to gain insight into why you may feel the way you do or why you have made choices in your life that you have. With increased insight, you can develop greater awareness of your needs and values so that you can feel empowered to make informed decisions going forward.

We also may focus heavily on coping strategies to help with the day-to-day challenges. These skills will help with sleep difficulties as well. Our focus during anxiety treatment may also include your relationship struggles. Creating new dynamics in relationships can certainly relieve the pressure you feel as well.

Anxiety treatment can help you create a safe haven for yourself so that you are comfortable within your own skin and your environment. The therapy office is where this process can start. You can feel at ease as soon as you enter my office, with its relaxing music and peaceful ambiance. From there, you can begin to expand this feeling into your own life experience. You can replace worry with peacefulness and fulfillment.

Do You Still Wonder If Anxiety Treatment Will Be Helpful For You?

What if my worry increases when I talk about it?

Often times, people avoid what scares them the most. Avoidance actually makes the worries into bigger, scarier “things” than the causes behind them. I can certainly understand how therapy can provoke more fears for you, especially if you have never done it before. Any time a new situation comes about, whether a new person or experience, it presents an unknown. If it seems as though nothing you do on your own helps, or if you notice you keep putting anxiety treatment off, then it may be time to make an investment in yourself for your own benefit. You will thank yourself afterwards!

I have been in anxiety treatment before, and it didn’t help. How would working with you be different?

While I can’t speak to the nature of the previous anxiety treatment you experienced, I can say that many things will be different. It’s likely that you are a different person or your life circumstances have changed, or maybe even your own mindset and willingness to change has shifted. These factors alone will help make this experience different. In regards to my “way” of providing anxiety treatment, you are very much a player in the whole thing. You decide where you are at and what may or may not be helpful. Your willingness to implement change is huge as well. I take a very strength-based and solution-focused approach and believe that together, we can make changes. Often times, I may ask you to practice skills outside of therapy to help create your desired changes as well. I want you to feel connected to me and will do all I can to help you feel safe and supported.

I do not have time for therapy. When could I possible fit it into my schedule?

There are many potential barriers to whether or not therapy will work, and scheduling is often one of them. I offer services five days a week with a variety of options. Often times, we put others before ourselves, therefore never or rarely tending to our own needs. How can you care for others if you are not cared for yourself? Think of this as a scheduled investment, not only into yourself, but also your family. When you feel better, you will be in a better position to be present with them and will present with an improved self.

There Is Hope. You Can Live the Life You Desire

It’s time to put yourself first. If you are not happy, you cannot get the most out of life and your relationships. Getting help is a sign of courage, strength and dedication to who you want to be. I offer a free phone consultation of 15 minutes so that potential clients can get a sense of me and my personality. During this conversation, you can ask my any additional questions you may have. I can be reached at (703) 554-2882. I look forward to talking with you soon!