Mistakes to Avoid When Managing Difficult Life Transitions

Life changes can be stressful, but they’re also unavoidable. When you’re facing difficult life decisions, there are things you can do to make it easier on yourself, such as focusing on the things within your control.

Unfortunately, far too many people think about things out of their grasp, which can lead to “what ifs,” extra stress, and even feelings of anxiety.

There are plenty of things you should be doing to manage your difficult life transitions. But, perhaps, more importantly, there are plenty of mistakes you should avoid. Understanding what not to do throughout life transitions can make them easier to handle.

With that in mind, let’s cover a few mistakes you should avoid when managing a difficult life change.

Not Being Present in the Moment
Life transitions often come with big questions. Sometimes, they also come with very few answers.

Whether you’re moving, changing careers, getting a divorce, or going through a grieving period, you might find yourself asking things that no one will know right away. Or, you might dwell on the past and think about things you could have done differently.

Not being present in the moment is a major mistake that will only fuel your anxiety. Instead, try to practice mindfulness as much as possible during difficult transitions. It’s more than just a buzzword – it’s something that will help you focus on the present and let worries of the past or future pass by like clouds, so you aren’t able to hold onto them.

Fighting Against Change
Change is inevitable. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s necessary. But, trying to fight against it when something isn’t going the way you want it to is often a fruitless effort. It will also cause unnecessary stress.

Look at difficult life transitions as learning opportunities. The more you have to go through them, the more resilient you’ll become in other areas of your life. It’s normal to find changes stressful, but fighting against them (and ultimately losing) will fuel that stress even more and can cause you to fight harder, creating a vicious cycle of negativity.

Not Taking Care of Yourself
Difficult life transitions can feel overwhelming, no matter what they are. You can make them easier by staying organized, having people help you through them, and being productive at every turn.

But, don’t make those things your priorities at the expense of self-care. Life transitions can distract you from taking care of yourself. You might end up feeling burnt out, overly-stressed, or even depressed because of everything on your plate.

No matter what you’re going through, take time each day to practice some sort of self-care. It might be journaling every night, exercising every morning, or going out for a cup of coffee with a friend. Just because something big is happening doesn’t mean your well-being needs to take a back seat.

Making Things Too Complicated
Just because you’re going through one major life transition doesn’t mean everything needs to change. If what you’re going through has you feeling uncertain and unsteady, don’t overcomplicate the rest of your life.

Try to stick to simple, minimal routines that provide comfort and security. Don’t do too much at once, and don’t think you have to change everything immediately. The more you can rely on things you’re used to, the less overwhelming a transition will be.

Difficult life transitions will happen, no matter what. It’s how you choose to handle them that will make a difference. If you have a hard time coping with change, feel free to contact me. Together, we can work on effective strategies that will make managing those hard transitions a bit easier.

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